Empower Your Business: Automate, Connect, and Grow with Confidence

Streamline your business with automation tools, and thrive in a supportive community designed to foster your growth

Empower Your Business: Automate, Connect, and Grow with Confidence

Streamline your business with automation tools, and thrive in a supportive community designed to foster your growth

Are you aiming for the stars, but still stuck on the launchpad?

Discover your business stage with our Journey to Growth Quiz!

Uncover obstacles, get actionable steps, and start your journey to the stars.

Chart your path to success now!

You're looking to grow, but find yourself overwhelmed by

all the things it takes to make a business run.

You could use a little help with the business and marketing side of things.

And you're asking yourself questions like...

There are so many things I need. How do I know where to begin?

I'm tired of doing all this all by myself. Is there a better way?

How am I ever supposed to be able to take a vacation and know that all my clients and efforts are taken care of?

Can I really grow my business and still have time for a proper binge weekend of Spaceballs?

You shouldn't have to be a marketing or tech guru to make your business work for you and your lifestyle! Here's how we help:

Tech Made Simple

We demystify the technical aspects of running a business, making sure you have the right tools for your daily operations. You get to focus more on your passion and less on the process.

Marketing that works for you

Simple, powerful marketing tools that bring your business to life without the hassle.

Set Up Done Right

Start strong and keep growing. We do the heavy lifting to get you set up and launched, then welcome you into a community that fosters continued growth and learning. You get more than just tools; you gain a network of peers and experts dedicated to mutual success.

Wow, I am simply amazed by

Automation on a
Mission (formerly Confluence
Business Solutions).

Christi and her team really

care about my success.

Their knowledge and expertise has

been a total game changer for my business.

- Jon & Anne-Marie Ross

I get it, as an entrepreneur myself, I know first-hand the loneliness and struggles that can come from starting and running a business. I've devoted my work to making entrepreneurship

easier and less overwhelming!

You know those kids that were making bank on the sidewalk selling lemonade? Yeah, that wasn't me. I was the kid who lost the sign-up sheet for Girl Scout Cookies and ate my inventory of the World's Finest Chocolate Bars. Truth be told, if given the chance, I’d probably do the same today.

Yet somewhere along the journey into adulthood, I discovered my bleeding heart and need to do meaningful work made me pretty persuasive as a non profit leader. And while I'm no longer in the trenches of charitable work, my calling to make a difference is just as much a guiding force as it ever was.

After launching a successful social enterprise (think - do good/feel good business with a social purpose), it was time I took that passion and expertise to the masses.

The challenge was, there were very few resources for bootstrappers like myself to learn and grow a business and I made a lot of mistakes along the way. Business ownership was a lot prettier on the outside than the reality and I found myself feeling isolated, lonely and destined for failure.

It is my belief that if you have the vision and will to make it happen, there should be a place for you, a seat at the table. And since there wasn't one when I started my business, I made one!

Our Mission is to reduce the number of small businesses that don't make it to their five year mark.

Our promise to you is to make entrepreneurship easy.


Years In Business


Sales, Marketing & Business Automations


Happy Clients


Hours of Manual Tasks Saved

See what they think

Here's how it works...

Sign Up & Kick Start

Find the business type that most closely aligns with your passion. Register and share a little about yourself as we get starting building your custom system.

We Build, You Relax

Sit back while we tailor your all-in-one system. Every tool you need is configured to fit your unique business needs seamlessly.

Launch & Grow

Kick off your business with confidence and watch it grow. With our support, you're set for ongoing growth and success.

We have solutions for a many service industries.

Choose the one that best suits you.

Got Questions?

Not sure if Automation on a Mission is right for you? No problem! Grab a spot on our calendar and we'll walk you through what we can do for you and how we help!

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