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Insightful tips, in-depth guides, and essential resources to help you streamline your business operations and enhance efficiency, so you can focus on what truly matters!

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Build Your Email List Without Ads: Partnerships & Bundles

June 10, 20245 min read

If you are building and running a business, it may feel like your best option for growing your email list consistently is to run social media ads. But we are here to tell you that’s not the case!

One of our favorite ways to not only deliver awesome resources to our audience but grow our list is to partner with other brands and offer free product or resources bundles.  

Let’s break down how you can leverage this awesome process to help you build a robust email list and build lasting business relationships.

But first, let’s take a deeper look at the power of these organic growth techniques versus paying for ads on social media. 

build your email list

Paid Ads vs. Organic Growth Strategies

While paid ads on social media can sometimes provide a quick influx of visibility and growth, organic strategies are a far more sustainable way to support long-term business and email growth. 

Also, if you are a newer business, running ads without a proven funnel or sales path will most likely leave you frustrated and over budget with very little to show for it. 

Organic growth often leads to higher quality leads and better sales and is one of the best ways to build and scale your business more holistically.

Here’s a quick ‘How’ & ‘Why’ on organic growth:

  • Develop Genuine Relationships
    The cornerstone of organic growth is relationships. Developing and nurturing customer and client relationships over time will lead to a better “know, like and trust” factor and in turn loyal customers and repeat business. Use your email communications to build a connection with your audience by providing consistent value, authentic messages and regular engagement.

  • Higher Quality Leads
    People who opt into your email list through organic methods like partnerships, bundles, or content collaborations are typically more interested and engaged than those who click through from paid ads. This can lead to higher conversion rates and much more meaningful interactions with your brand.

  • Cost Efficiency
    Organic growth strategies are often more cost-effective in the long run compared to the ongoing expense of paid ads. Investing in organic list-building tactics like SEO, content marketing, and strategic collaborations can yield dividends long after the initial effort.

  • Increased Credibility and Trust
    Building an audience organically helps establish your brand as trustworthy and credible. This is because organic growth isn’t perceived as intrusive or salesy by potential customers. Instead, they find and engage with your brand through genuine interest, which can enhance their perception of your business.

  • Supports Sustainable Business Growth
    Organic list-building supports sustainable business growth by creating a solid foundation of followers and customers who have a genuine interest in your brand. This can lead to more stable revenue streams and less dependency on the fluctuating costs and effectiveness of paid advertising channels.

The Power of Partnerships

The first step in this powerful list building strategy is to find businesses and influencers with whom you share a target audience but aren’t in direct competition with. 

Think of them as complementary to what you do, instead of a competitor to what you do. It's also important to find partners who you feel comfortable aligning yourself with!

Here’s how we do that:

  • Identify Potential Partners
    The most important part of any collab is to find a business whose offerings complement rather than compete with yours. Their audience should align with your ideal customer profile.

  • Develop a Partnership Proposal
    Outline how a partnership can benefit both parties. Proposals might include shared content, co-hosted events, or mutual promotions.

  • Host Joint Webinars/Workshops
    Organize events where both parties can contribute value. Encourage registrations through email sign-ups, which can be shared between partners.

Put Together An Irresistible Bundle

Bundling products or services with another business is a strategic way to attract a wider audience and encourage new sign-ups to your email list. This strategy offers your audience an incredible value and introduces your brand, business and offerings to your partner’s audience.

How to create your bundle:

  • Bundle Your Most Attractive Products or Services
    Whether you’re doing a bundle of free or paid resources, make sure to showcase your best offerings. When planning with your partner, make sure the bundle is exciting, attractive and relevant to both audiences.

  • Promote Exclusively Through Email
    Launch the bundle to your existing email list and have your partner do the same. This not only rewards current subscribers but also encourages new sign-ups from your partner’s list.

  • Make Your Bundle A Limited-Time Offer
    Create a sense of urgency by making the bundle available for a limited time, prompting quick sign-ups to take advantage of the deal.

The Power of Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are a great way to incentivize others - both business partners and people in your audience - to promote your products and help grow your email list as part of their affiliate earning strategies.

Action Steps:

  • Set Up an Affiliate Program
    Offer commissions or other incentives for affiliates who promote your products or services. Be mindful of the barriers for entry for your affiliates. Consider using an application system to make sure your affiliate partners align with your brand, mission and values

  • Link Promotions to Email Sign-ups
    Encourage your affiliates to promote specific offers for email sign-ups. You can offer things like discount codes or special access to new products as incentives.

Growing your email list without social media ads is not only possible but is a much more holistic and authentic way to build your audience!

By utilizing partnerships and collaborations with other brands and businesses that you feel aligned with, you’re opening yourself up to other audience’s - a truly valuable strategy! By creating compelling product bundles, collaborating on content and utilizing affiliate programs, you can expand your reach and build a strong, engaged email list. 

If you’ve been thinking about running ads as an email growth tactic, take some time to  really look at your current strategies and budget and consider how partnerships, bundles and collaborations could fit your needs a bit better. 

And if you’re ready for some support in your email marketing efforts, we can help! Reach out to us at Confluence Business Solutions and let’s find the best mix of marketing, strategy and automation to help your business hit its goals! 

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